Memory’s Biography


I am Memory Tomusange, founder of Father’s Heart Children’s Ministries (FHCM), director of the Memory Father’s Heart Club (MFHC) and Father’s Heart Children’s Choir (FHCC) located in Kampala, Uganda.

These ministries were founded to minister to the needy and homeless children of Uganda, teaching them music and dance together with life skills and the love of Jesus.

My life’s background is similar to that of many Africans. Both my parents died when I was young, followed by my three siblings. I faced many challenges in life but God’s presence was dear to me and I knew that He was calling me to a ministry of music. From my past experiences, I have learned to focus completely on Jesus and realize that the love of God is what my music is all about. One day while travelling through the Kenyan countryside, I had a lifechanging experience. God gave me a vision of children running towards me, yelling, “We don’t have music here, we don’t have studios; we need hope!” Thus the vision was born! Today, I share my vision with the children and encourage them from the depths of my own struggles and trials to dedicate their own lives to God.

Memory truly has a heart for the children and frequently, as finances allow, distributes food and school supplies to the needy children. He sees the needs of the children to be more important than his own needs

This briefly is my professional background:

I obtained a teaching certificate from the Buloba Teachers’ Training College as a professional grade 3 primary teacher. I then volunteered to work with street children in Kampala through World Vision. I worked with the orphans and taught in the World Vision School in Rakai. From 2006 to 2009, I worked at Uganda Jesus Village (UJV), an orphanage located in Kampala, teaching the children choreographed dances, spending hours instructing them in worship and intercession. In 2010, I formed the FHCM, which includes the “choir” and the “club”.

Please pray that we will be faithful to pour into the hearts of the children the message that God loves and cares for them. As God moves in your heart to give into this ministry, it will be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Rosemary Nzembi says:

    Awesome page!!!

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