Our Mandate

The mandate of Fathers Heart Children’s Ministries, founded by Memory Tomusange, is to pour out the Father’s heart to the next generation.  The ministry has the following two organizations;  The “Fathers Heart Children’s Choir” (FHCC)  under the auspices of “Memory Fathers Heart Club” (MFHC).

Our Vision

The broad vision of these two organizations is to reach out to the disadvantaged children of Kampala, and then to those in other parts of Uganda. Many of the programs are based in a slum area of Kampala, where children desire to be loved and taught the “things of God”. Memory’s passion is to plant seeds of righteousness in their hearts that will yield fruit that remain with them for the rest of their lives.

Father’s Heart Children’s Club

The children enjoy being in the Club! They always wait with eager anticipation for  Memory’s visits. Together they sing songs, accompanied by Memory on guitar, they study the scriptures and enjoy his teaching on how to live successfully in their community.

Father’s Heart Children’s Choir

The specific vision of the Children’s Choir is to instill in these children and youth a passion for ministry. The “choir” was established to train and equip children to express the love of Christ through music and various styles of dance. Many of those in the choir live in the slum area of Kampala. Through their participation in these activities, the children learn the language of faith while developing the ability to express their deepest joys and concerns.

Participating in the choir also provides a special way for the children to express their worship to God, while experiencing fellowship in the community of faith at a deeper level. This will also help them form strong bonds with friends and family in the community of Kampala, Uganda.

Activities involving the children in the choir:

  • door-to-door ministry with the children witnessing to the surrounding community
  • clothes distribution to the orphans
  • supplying sugar, salt, school supplies to needy children and families
  • organizing “Kid’s Crusades” in schools where the children sing and give their personal testimonies
  • provide feeding programs for hungry children in the slums

Steve and Audrey Pihulyk from Edmonton, Alberta Canada, share in Memory’s vision of helping the needy children in Kampala, Uganda. Audrey, with input from Memory, is the editor of this blog.


To donate to this ministry

Click the DONATE button on the right to contribute to this ministry. Donations, of any amount, are so greatly appreciated!

You can also purchase CD’s and DVD’s highlighting the children singing and dancing.

For more information, or to order product contact:

Memory Tomusange,
Fathers Heart Children’s Choir

P.O.B0X 627,
Kampala, Uganda,
East Africa,

Telephone: +256-788000708, +256-700-942232

Email: memorytomusange@yahoo.com
You can also contact…

Audrey Pihulyk at 780-484-2197 or e-mail her.


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