Support Girl Child Education

This has been a challenge year but a year of mysterious blessings.God is good all the time.Some children left the choir and it was a struggle for me to find out what the problem was and others go because we reached a time of lack where we could not sustain our ministry financially and others dropping out of school.But i thank God for encouraging me….There has was a group of young girls and 6 of them dropped out of school and others in school asked for help as in managing them in soccer.They knew me a a christian and so i started using that as a plat form to share the love of Jesus Christ.Some were Muslims and others didn’t know Christ then i led them to Christ and became their soccer coach.We now run a girls and boys soccer team and many kids have joined from all the ends of the slums of Namuwongo. This has added more value to the ministry of Fathers Heart Children’s Ministry.Many young ones are joining teams and accepting the lord.I humbly ask you to continue praying for us and you can ask the lord on how you can sow a seed so that we may be able to pay tuition and take back these girls to school or you could be the one to support our art and craft business…..

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