Exciting News: Many Embraced the Message of the Love of God

Greetings to our blog family.

We trust that you have had a pleasant summer, hopefully as pleasant as it has been here in Alberta. School will soon resume, here and also in Kampala. Because of the much anticipated break from school, Memory and the choir have had a busy and rewarding August. Instead of using their time in leisure activities, the choir gladly helped Memory reach out, in what he describes as, ”the busiest time of my life”, and as being “incredible”!

Because of the children’s holidays there were many opportunities to hold meetings in the slums, singing and teaching about the “very best friend” that anyone can have.

A team from Adonai Ministries, based in the USA, and African missionaries from Nigeria and some parts of West Africa, as well as African Americans, came to help in the outreach.

The team was a great blessing as they mingled with the community in the slums.    

 The outreach consisted of going door to door, praying for others,telling people about the “good news of Salvation”, taking part in the singing, and generally loving those in the community.

Many came to hear the “good news”.

At the end of the day, Memory organized a meal for all of the workers, at which time they shared good food and testimonies of what God had done.  Workers enjoying their meal.

The children were not left out, as we can see here as Memory serves them.

This function was held at the Fathers Heart Centre based in Namuwongo-Kampala which belongs to the Fathers Heart Children’s Choir.

Following the outreach, Steve Strulinger from Fathers Touch Ministries, a ministry from the USA, and his team conducted door to door visitation in the Namuwongo slums.

The climax of their visit was the crusade organized by Memory together with his local church in the slums called Jesus Alive. 

Preparing the crusade grounds. 

The choir was pleased to bless the attendees with their music and dancing.

This was a particularly wonderful time, as many people embraced the message of the “love of God” which communicated to each person that He is the one who can bring change to their lives, giving them the love they are seeking. 

A new project for Memory and the choir is the selling of arts and crafts, including T shirts.



The challenge Memory faces continues in these areas:

• feeding children in the slums and distributing clothing on weekends as funds become available

• helping children in the choir with school needs and food, as many of their families are poor and some of the children are orphans, or board with families

• buying essential equipment to rent out so that he can become more independent financially

• completing the ministry centre with a much needed generator to supply the continuous flow of electricity

Please remember Fathers Heart Children’s Choir in your prayers and should you be so led, any donations would be most helpful and greatly appreciated.

(See donation page on the right)


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