Two Encouraging Testimonies

We wish to introduce you to two of the girls in Fathers Heart Children’s Choir and tell you how the experience has changed their lives

Fiona Mbabazi is 11 years old and is in grade seven.

Fiona lives with her mother and sister; her father died in 2007. She says before joining the choir, she was often disobedient to her mother, and even, at times, abused other children. Like many kids her age, she enjoyed listening to secular music which was not uplifting, but rather caused her to develop bad attitudes. These things led her further down the path of negative living. She did not have anyone that she could turn to for guidance and direction. She was not a happy person.

However, one day a wonderful thing happened to Fiona. She was introduced to the Fathers Heart Children’s Choir, led by Memory Tomusange. After joining the choir her life was totally changed. She said happily, “I am a different person now. I show love to others, and am obedient to my mother and treat my family with respect. They, and everyone else, see the change in me and are grateful.”   

She goes on to say, “Now, I am happy and have made good friends. It is good to see God doing something great in my life. I love to preach the gospel, and enjoy praying and reading the Bible.”

As there are different levels of schools in Kampala, Fiona says, “I am doing well and working hard in the present one. I know that I could do even better when someday I can enroll in a better school.”

Fatina Kyomuhendo  Bogere  is 11 years old and is in grade 6. She lives with her grandmother, as her dad died when she was a small child.

In the past, Fatina never had any interest in going to church. She often felt that her older sister was forcing her to go to church, so she became stubborn about this and would not go. What changed her outlook towards church and the message of God in general?

“I heard that Uncle Memory was starting a children’s choir,” she said, “so one day I decided to go and watch them as they practiced. What I saw was a bunch of happy and enthusiastic children singing and dancing. I became so interested that I decided to join the choir! Now, I love to sing and dance with the choir. We often go to different communities to encourage other children to sing and dance for the Lord.”

Recently the chior had the priveledge to be highlighted on TV at Channel 44 in Kampala. They were excited as you can see by their smiles.

Memory is dedicated to the development of the choir, in music and dance, as well as in the character development of the children. Until now, he has not had a home base in which to conduct his ministry This is vital to the success of his work with the children. We thank God that he is now developing a two room area in a compound that will be his Ministry Centre.

Here Memory is hard at work finishing the house in the Ministry Centre.

The challenges Memory faces continue in these areas:

  • feeding children in the slums and distributing clothing on weekends as funds become available
  • helping children in the choir with school needs and food, as many of their families are poor and some of the children are orphans
  • the need to purchase a van for transporting the choir, as the cost of public transportation can add up
  • buying essential audio equipment for his use, and which he can rent out  for specific events, giving him an independent source of income
  • completing the Ministry Centre with a much needed generator to supply  a continuous flow of electricity

By your prayers and financial support, you will share with Memory in the rewards that God will give when He says, “Well done thou good and faithful servant… enter thou into the joy of thy Lord.”  Matthew 21:25

Thank you for your interest in helping Fathers Heart Children’s Choir move forward.

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