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This has been a challenge year but a year of mysterious blessings.God is good all the time.Some children left the choir and it was a struggle for me to find out what the problem was and others go because we reached a time of lack where we could not sustain our ministry financially and others dropping out of school.But i thank God for encouraging me….There has was a group of young girls and 6 of them dropped out of school and others in school asked for help as in managing them in soccer.They knew me a a christian and so i started using that as a plat form to share the love of Jesus Christ.Some were Muslims and others didn’t know Christ then i led them to Christ and became their soccer coach.We now run a girls and boys soccer team and many kids have joined from all the ends of the slums of Namuwongo. This has added more value to the ministry of Fathers Heart Children’s Ministry.Many young ones are joining teams and accepting the lord.I humbly ask you to continue praying for us and you can ask the lord on how you can sow a seed so that we may be able to pay tuition and take back these girls to school or you could be the one to support our art and craft business…..

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A New Year – New Challenges

Here’s an update as to what has been transpiring:

Memory and the children had a good Christmas party where they cooked food and bought drinks for the children in the community.


Together with the fun, there were presentations about the real meaning of Christmas, as some of the children from poor families do not celebrate Christmas.


The choir was invited to sing at the Miracle Cathedral Christmas Function, in Kampala, they had a lot of fun as can be seen here. DSCN2142

On February 4th, the children will be returning to school. TheDSCN2066 problem of school expenses in Kampala, it should be noted, is more costly than those found in many westernized countries around the world. Here in Kampala, the families of the students must pay for schooling. Many of the families are poor and if they do not have the money, the child will need to drop out and be unable to begin high school. At present, there are three girls from the choir who are scheduled to begin high school, and one of them does not have the finances needed to do so. Unless the funds are provided, the mother will have to keep her child at home.

To help with a problem like this, and also to give the ministry a continuing source of income for other needs, Memory is hoping to open a small hair salon to help train the girls in the necessary techniques  of hair styling. This salon could then be used to serve the general public, providing another source of income for the Fathers Heart Children’s Choir.

DSCN5319Jackie, one of the choir members, is very good at braiding hair and does so for all of the girls in the choir.

To establish the hair salon, equipment, such as; hair dryers, side mirrors, water sink, salon chair, rollers, steamers, etc. are needed.  Memory asks DSCN5326that if anyone has such equipment and is travelling to Kampala, to contact him concerning transport.

Another plan Memory has is to buy sewing machines for the girls, so that they could learn to sew clothing and from this make a living for themselves and for their families. One of the challenges in Africa is to provide ways in which the community members can live independently, providing for themselves and be independent of “handouts”.


Memory also hopes to help the ministry by providing computer skills for the kids. He wishes to train them in the latest computer technology, and eventually tutor the general public in these skills as well, and so gather funds for the ministry.

He has many more ideas as to how to monetarily increase the ministry, and is doing his best with what he has. The equipment in this photo is being used to video tape weddings and other special events; a positive money generator.

At the moment, he is working on the self-produced movie, “The Face of My Generation – African Child.” This movie is heartfelt for Memory, and he describes it here;, “The movie is about the life of an African child and how God has used my gift of music to bring hope to children in crisis and how God has DSCN2182transformed their lives”

He has already started to edit the movie and plans to produce DVD’s for sale. This project will be a fundraiser for the ministry providing support for the kids and also for him personally.

As we can see, Memory is very talented and has a big heart for developing the children in a positive manner.  He  believes God wants to use each and every one of our talents to help others and for his glory.

The work in the slums continues with these events:

  • Visiting the slums on the weekends to tell them that “Jesus loves them”
  • On the weekends, the kids are happy to feed children in the slums, as funds allow.
  • He also continues to sell the purses, beadsDSCN0390, and other articles in order to raise funds for the ministry.DSCN8292
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Exciting News: Many Embraced the Message of the Love of God

Greetings to our blog family.

We trust that you have had a pleasant summer, hopefully as pleasant as it has been here in Alberta. School will soon resume, here and also in Kampala. Because of the much anticipated break from school, Memory and the choir have had a busy and rewarding August. Instead of using their time in leisure activities, the choir gladly helped Memory reach out, in what he describes as, ”the busiest time of my life”, and as being “incredible”!

Because of the children’s holidays there were many opportunities to hold meetings in the slums, singing and teaching about the “very best friend” that anyone can have.

A team from Adonai Ministries, based in the USA, and African missionaries from Nigeria and some parts of West Africa, as well as African Americans, came to help in the outreach.

The team was a great blessing as they mingled with the community in the slums.    

 The outreach consisted of going door to door, praying for others,telling people about the “good news of Salvation”, taking part in the singing, and generally loving those in the community.

Many came to hear the “good news”.

At the end of the day, Memory organized a meal for all of the workers, at which time they shared good food and testimonies of what God had done.  Workers enjoying their meal.

The children were not left out, as we can see here as Memory serves them.

This function was held at the Fathers Heart Centre based in Namuwongo-Kampala which belongs to the Fathers Heart Children’s Choir.

Following the outreach, Steve Strulinger from Fathers Touch Ministries, a ministry from the USA, and his team conducted door to door visitation in the Namuwongo slums.

The climax of their visit was the crusade organized by Memory together with his local church in the slums called Jesus Alive. 

Preparing the crusade grounds. 

The choir was pleased to bless the attendees with their music and dancing.

This was a particularly wonderful time, as many people embraced the message of the “love of God” which communicated to each person that He is the one who can bring change to their lives, giving them the love they are seeking. 

A new project for Memory and the choir is the selling of arts and crafts, including T shirts.



The challenge Memory faces continues in these areas:

• feeding children in the slums and distributing clothing on weekends as funds become available

• helping children in the choir with school needs and food, as many of their families are poor and some of the children are orphans, or board with families

• buying essential equipment to rent out so that he can become more independent financially

• completing the ministry centre with a much needed generator to supply the continuous flow of electricity

Please remember Fathers Heart Children’s Choir in your prayers and should you be so led, any donations would be most helpful and greatly appreciated.

(See donation page on the right)

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Good Things Are Happening

Recently, some encouraging events took place at Fathers Heart Children’s Choir Ministry, in Kampala, Uganda. This past month saw a fulfillment of one of Memory’s cherished dreams. He took with him two choir members for a two- week trip to several churches in Kenya. One church where they visited was the African Inland Church in Matetani, Kenya. The opportunity to minister there was arranged by Rosemary Nzembi, who herself has a ministry with children in Kenya and also conducts a children’s choir, much like Memory does in Kampala.

It was a most positive time for Sandra and Esther, the two girls accompanying Memory, as they blessed the attendees with a number of songs and dances.

Memory was also given the opportunity to speak at the meeting, and he shared with them from the book of Matthew, about the benefits of not hiding our talents, but rather using them to bless others.

 Back home in Kampala, recently a very special event took place at one of the slum churches. Representatives from Samaritan’s Purse visited the church and distributed boxes filled with special gifts for 200 children. As we know, Franklin Graham (son of Billy Graham) is the CEO of Samaritan’s Purse. This organization gathers supplies and gifts from millions of people in various nations; the gifts are then boxed and distributed to children in many countries around the world.

 As you can see from this picture in the slum church, the children were delighted and blessed with their own personal boxes.  

Recently, Memory and his choir had an opportunity to consider showcasing their music on a new television program in the United Kingdom, called Gospel Music Television (GMT). The plan is to launch the GMT website on July 1, 2012. The goal of GMT is to cover the entire continents of Africa and Europe, and possibly some parts of the USA, with inspirational music that is both challenging and uplifting. GMT is hosted by DS Television Network in the United Kingdom. Julian Rigamonti, founder of GMT, came to Uganda to work on the above project and is seen here with some of the children from Memory’s choir. Julian has interviewed various musicians and groups from South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda, Botswana, the United Kingdom, as well as some from other parts of the world.

Memory is also starting a small project that highlights African crafts such as bags and jewelry. I, myself, own one of the bags and find that it is both functional and attractive.  

The opportunity to have ministered in Kenya and the possibility of having the choir perform on GMT is an encouragement to Memory and his choir. He is thankful to all who have made these ventures possible.  Meanwhile, the challenges of working with the children in the slums of Kampala remain a priority with Memory. He and the choir visits the slums on weekends, and as funds become available,  he purchases food and other needed supplies, distributing them where needed.

The challenge Memory faces continues in these areas:

• feeding children in the slums and distributing clothing on weekends as funds become available

• helping children in the choir with school needs and food, as many of their families are poor and some of the children are orphans, or board with families 

• buying essential equipment to rent out so that he can become more independent financially

• completing the ministry centre with a much needed generator to supply the continuous flow of electricity

 Please remember Fathers Heart Children’s Choir in your prayers and should you be so led, any donations would be most helpful and greatly appreciated.

(See donation page on the right)

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Easter in the Slums of Kampala

It is a privilege for me, Audrey Pihulyk, to greet you once again on behalf of Memory and his ministry. We have just celebrated the greatest event of interest to Christians – the crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ.

Amidst all the Easter hoopla surrounding the bunnies, the eggs, and the Easter attire, I trust that we all took time to thank God for his unspeakable gift of love given to us at this special time of year.

Also, I hope that you had some special moments with your family and friends.

A Great Opportunity for Memory and the Choir

A  colleague of Memory, Rose Mary, has presented him with a wonderful opportunity to bring a few choir members to Kenya. She is presenting a musical extravganza in Kenya and would like him and the choir to participate. He will be able to bring some of the choir’s CD’s and DVD’s to acquant people with their music and at the same time use this opportunity for the choir to become known in Kenya. Funds are needed to make opportunity a reality. Thank you for your consideration.  

 One of Audrey’s Great Life Memories

One of my most poignant life memories occurred in the fall of 2008, when I spent some time at an orphanage in Kampala, Uganda. It was such a privilege for me, as a nurse from Canada, to examine the physical condition of the children and then document my findings to the orphanage staff.

These were quality moments that I spent with each precious child.

What joy it was also to see them receive with thankfulness, the gifts I had carefully picked out for them. These included, clothes, shoes and special gifts.

During my time there, I noticed how special and thankful the children were for all that was done for them by their caregivers. They viewed the care they received as special blessings.

Easter in the Slums of Kampala

As Easter, 2012, approached the children looked forward to the opportunity of meeting with each other again, to sing with Memory, and to hear the wonderful Easter story. Easter in the slum area of Kampala is spent much differently than here in America. There is generally none of the Easter festivities that we celebrate here, like turkey, chocolates, candies and so forth, at least not in the slums. Prior to the gathering, Memory carefully planned the celebration he would have with the kids. The first meeting was on Good Friday, where Memory gathered the children around him as he sang and preached. Later the kids helped distribute flyers in the slum community.

On Easter Sunday, they had a service in the slums where the children sang with Memory and later he taught them the true meaning of Easter. This was followed by a time of fellowship and refreshments of tea and bread. What a wonderful scene this was, grateful children gathering together having a wonderful party and fellowship.

Thanks to some generous donors, Memory is enjoying his two- room home and ministry center where the children can now meet and have fellowship with each other.

The Challenges Continue

Being that many of the choir members come from poor families or are orphans, Memory plans feeding days in the slums on weekends as funds are available. In addition, Memory, with his big heart, often reaches out to help pay for some of their school fees as well.

Since some of the choir members live with boarding families, he provides food staples, such as sugar, salt, and flour etc. to help with the feeding of not only the choir members, but also their boarding families as well. This puts quite a strain on his finances, however, he would like to do more if funds were available.      

Memory loves all of the children and really is a big kid himself!

      Please pray for the ministry and should you be so led, any donations would be helpful and greatly appreciated.

(See donation page on the right)

This blog is respectively submitted by me, Audrey Pihulyk. Please see “About” for information highlighting my interest in Memory’s Ministry.

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Two Encouraging Testimonies

We wish to introduce you to two of the girls in Fathers Heart Children’s Choir and tell you how the experience has changed their lives

Fiona Mbabazi is 11 years old and is in grade seven.

Fiona lives with her mother and sister; her father died in 2007. She says before joining the choir, she was often disobedient to her mother, and even, at times, abused other children. Like many kids her age, she enjoyed listening to secular music which was not uplifting, but rather caused her to develop bad attitudes. These things led her further down the path of negative living. She did not have anyone that she could turn to for guidance and direction. She was not a happy person.

However, one day a wonderful thing happened to Fiona. She was introduced to the Fathers Heart Children’s Choir, led by Memory Tomusange. After joining the choir her life was totally changed. She said happily, “I am a different person now. I show love to others, and am obedient to my mother and treat my family with respect. They, and everyone else, see the change in me and are grateful.”   

She goes on to say, “Now, I am happy and have made good friends. It is good to see God doing something great in my life. I love to preach the gospel, and enjoy praying and reading the Bible.”

As there are different levels of schools in Kampala, Fiona says, “I am doing well and working hard in the present one. I know that I could do even better when someday I can enroll in a better school.”

Fatina Kyomuhendo  Bogere  is 11 years old and is in grade 6. She lives with her grandmother, as her dad died when she was a small child.

In the past, Fatina never had any interest in going to church. She often felt that her older sister was forcing her to go to church, so she became stubborn about this and would not go. What changed her outlook towards church and the message of God in general?

“I heard that Uncle Memory was starting a children’s choir,” she said, “so one day I decided to go and watch them as they practiced. What I saw was a bunch of happy and enthusiastic children singing and dancing. I became so interested that I decided to join the choir! Now, I love to sing and dance with the choir. We often go to different communities to encourage other children to sing and dance for the Lord.”

Recently the chior had the priveledge to be highlighted on TV at Channel 44 in Kampala. They were excited as you can see by their smiles.

Memory is dedicated to the development of the choir, in music and dance, as well as in the character development of the children. Until now, he has not had a home base in which to conduct his ministry This is vital to the success of his work with the children. We thank God that he is now developing a two room area in a compound that will be his Ministry Centre.

Here Memory is hard at work finishing the house in the Ministry Centre.

The challenges Memory faces continue in these areas:

  • feeding children in the slums and distributing clothing on weekends as funds become available
  • helping children in the choir with school needs and food, as many of their families are poor and some of the children are orphans
  • the need to purchase a van for transporting the choir, as the cost of public transportation can add up
  • buying essential audio equipment for his use, and which he can rent out  for specific events, giving him an independent source of income
  • completing the Ministry Centre with a much needed generator to supply  a continuous flow of electricity

By your prayers and financial support, you will share with Memory in the rewards that God will give when He says, “Well done thou good and faithful servant… enter thou into the joy of thy Lord.”  Matthew 21:25

Thank you for your interest in helping Fathers Heart Children’s Choir move forward.

(Please see donation button on the right)

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A New Year

We trust that you had an enjoyable Christmas and will be blessed in this New Year with health and all the good that God sends.

Much has happened since our last post. Memory Tomusange continues to work faithfully with the children in the slums of Kampala, Uganda. Due to a donation children enjoyed a fun Christmas Party Many of these children have never had a party at this time of year, or at any other time, for that matter.  To see the children enjoying the fun and food with their friends is a wonderful sight indeed.

Memory says, “I feel so blessed to be able to feed the children and have fun with them – this truly is my Christmas!”

This is sooo good!!

Memory’s heart’s desire is for the continuous natural and spiritual growth of all the children in Kampala, and especially those who live in the slums.

As part of his outreach to the children, Memory often has sessions where he disciples children through studying the Bible and discussing stories and concepts.

His heart’s desire is also to reach others with the gospel – the good news that God loves everyone.  In this vein, he was pleased to take part in a large crusade in the slums that lasted for a week where many lives were changed.

These people really know how to praise the Lord!

The choir sang at most of the services and felt so privileged doing their part in making the crusade successful.  

Here the choir is singing with joy in their hearts with Memory helping!

The holidays season with family times and fellowship are over.  Memory now faces a New Year with more challenges as he carries on his ministries. There continues to be hungry children living in the slums, so on weekends Memory holds feeding days, sings with his guitar, and teaches them about the love of God.

During this time he distributes clothing to the children as funds allow.

Children listen attentively as Memory teaches them about the love of God.

Being that many of the choir members come from poor families, or are orphans, Memory endeavors to help these with some of their school fees.

Another need arises in that a number of the choir members board with families, therefore, in order to help these children, Memory provides food staples. These include sugar, salt and flour etc. in order to provide for the choir members and the families.

Please pray for the ministry and should you be so led, any donations would be greatly appreciated.

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